Which Is Your Religion Based On These 10 Questions?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Based on your answers, you're likely Catholic! From confession to the concept of sin, you definitely have a strong faith in Catholic values. Your faith is of the utmost importance to you, as is worshipping regularly.

Based on your answers, you are likely Jewish! From direct prayer to god, observance of faith rituals, and your belief in one powerful and unique god, it's easy to conclude that you likely practice Judaism regulary and that your faith is a large part of your life.

Based on your answers, you're likely Baptist! You believe that Jesus is the lord and savior, sinners will go to hell, and that the church is a fundamental part of life and being a good person. Your answers definitely point to a life devoted to the Baptist faith!

Based on your answers, we believe that you practice Buddhism! From your thoughts on reincarnation and the soul, to your belief in where suffering comes from, it's clear that you adhere to Buddhist principles.

Based on your answers, you're definitely protestant in faith! You believe that with faith in Christ alone, anyone can be absolved of their sins and find peace in the afterlife. You also believe in one God.