Marco Polo Trivia

How much do you know about Marco Polo? Hopefully more than just the swimming game! Take a minute to test your knowledge about Marco Polo by taking this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Don't know Marco Polo
Either you knew mostly myths about Marco or you didn't know much at all. But, now that you've seen the correct answers, you know a whole lot more! You've also seen that his adventures are pretty interesting. Why not learn more about them?

Know a little
You have as much knowledge about Marco as most people. You know a little bit about Marco Polo and his many adventures exploring the world, but there is still so much more that you could learn. Aren't you curious? Plus, any new knowledge you gain will be great conversation starters!

Know a lot
You have a much better than average knowledge of the life and adventures of Marco Polo. Are you a geography buff? An amateur explorer? Whatever your interest in the famous explorer, you should share it with others!

Know everything
You are a true expert on the life and adventures of Marco Polo. You aren't fooled by the myths and legends because you have the facts and the real truth is fascinating enough. Maybe with all of that knowledge, you should write a book!