Plant Personality

Wondering what type of plant personality you have? Well, then it's time to take this insightful quiz. It can finally settle your doubts and questions once and for all!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Sunny and Light
You always need a lot of light, a lot of sun, a lot of exposure and care. But you know what? You give all of it back by being pretty and awesome all the time. See? You get what you put in. Everything is worth it.

Low-Light and Low-Maintenance
You do not mind being in the dark. You do not mind getting cloudy days. Sure, sunlight is great but every day? That is a LOT. That is high-maintenance. You are just not like that, making you the perfect person to have around. No pressure to keep you happy. You just ARE.

Amazingly Balanced
You love the sun. But you also love clouds and darkness. You love getting water. . . But you hate the idea of running around with a huge water bottle. You are the most balanced person ever! That is no easy feat.