Are You Ready For A Dog?

These easy questions are going to help you decide if you are ready to add a canine companion to your family. It might not be what you are expecting to see.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

most definitely get a dog!
There is no question that you're absolutely ready for a dog. Check out your local animal shelter this weekend and see if there are any there that grab at your heartstrings.You're sure to find a best friend for life.

get at least two dogs.
You are going to do very well with at least one happy-go-lucky dog. There's no question you could probably handle two loyal pups at your house, and then they would have each other to play with when you can't be around.

probably start an animal rescue yourself!
There is no doubt that you are the lover of all things involving owning a dog! You could take care of a whole pack of them, and quite well by the sounds of things. You may have a new calling in your future.

wait a few months before making a decision.
It seems as though you're on the right track to being ready for a puppy, but you might be just a little too busy. You should wait it out a little longer and get your affairs in order before expanding your family.

see if your partner is ready for a dog.
It appears that you and your significant other are already pretty happy with just the two of you. Adding a dog might shake things up a bit. Go over the topic thoroughly together before making any choices.

not get a dog right now.
Your life seems as though it's already pretty full, and there's nothing wrong with that. Adding a dog could be something that neither you or the pup are going to enjoy though. Have you ever thought about a cat? They require a little less attention and might be a better fit if you really want a pet.