How Old Are You?

How old are you? Care to let us take a wild guess?

Tags: Personality, Emotional, Maturity

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A Teenager
We think you're a teenager! Whether you're in your teens or not, you are fun-loving, carefree, and not always worried about consequences. Our teens are some of the most exciting and amazing years of our lives as human beings. Eventually, we should all grow up and out of this state of mind once we realize how complicated things are in the 'real world,' but our long teenage years have a great impact on our souls and give way to experiences that mold us into the adults we become.

In Your Twenties
We think you're in your twenties! In your twenties, things are just coming together. You're still interested in having fun but understand that having fun comes with a price that must be paid eventually. You are interested in building your career, love life, and more to create the best 'ever after' for yourself, and if you take advantage of your energy and youthful exuberance, you should be able to boost yourself toward success in your thirties.

In Your Thirties
We think you're in your thirties! You might be interested in settling down or, if you're already settled down, in achieving an even more stable home life than ever before. If you're not interested in settling down, it's because you're on the go, enjoying life and accomplishing your dreams on the fast track! You are responsible and mature with a still-youthful energy and passion for doing whatever makes you truly happy.

In Your Forties
We think you're in your forties! In your forties, you are beginning to gain the wisdom and intelligence you'll need to enjoy the rest of your life in the best way possible. Many believe that the forties are some of the best years of a person's life---maybe because you have the insight to understand what's truly important and the energy to fulfill your dreams.

In Your Fifties
We think you are in your fifties. In your fifties, you're very capable of getting what you want, when you want it. You've had many years to practice fine-tuning your life to fit your specific wants and needs, and you don't waste as much time trying new things as you did in your previous decades. You know what makes you happy, and your firm sense of knowing what you want gives you confidence and happiness.

A Senior Citizen
We think you're a senior citizen! As a senior citizen, your priorities have been clearly defined, your work is done, and now is the time to relax and enjoy the fruits you've sown. You are an important member of the family and society, and everyone respects you for your wisdom, knowledge, and sense of humor. With so much life experience, you are viewed as a leader and are capable of lifting up younger generations with your strong words of encouragement and positivity.