What Leaf Are You Most Likely To Lick?

This is a wonderful quiz to find your true self. Over the years researchers, like myself have carefully studied the true meaning of leaves. We see them everywhere. We can picture one in our heads when we have to, but which do we see. There are so many different types of leaves and this carefully curated quiz will help you understand your true potential. Have fun and remember to keep the leaves safe.

Tags: Fun, Trees, Personality

Here are all the results with descriptions

Lobate Leaf! ! !
You got a lobate leaf! This is a unique leaf that feels adventurous. Licking this bad boy will give you the knowledge of quirky facts to show off at any party! ! ! ;).

Palmate Leaf! ! !
This is the palmate leaf, she loves water. The palmate leaf accepts all that comes to it. By licking this wonderful leaf, you will become immune to the bite of the Flamboyant Cuttlefish!

Pinnatisect Leaf! ! !
This extravagant leaf brings joy to all! ! By licking this piece of green, one will gain the wise spider web. This spider web will serve as a hat to protect you from acid rain! !

Pinnatifid Leaf! !
You have licked the pinnatifid leaf! ! ! By doing so you will have the great gift of Carry. This means you will be an expert at carrying groceries. All the moms at superstore will be calling out for your name.