Where To Go For New Year'S Eve?

Wondering where you should go for New Year's Eve? Then it's time to figure it out with this quiz! Your best recommendation awaits at the very end! Don't you want an answer?

Tags: Party, Plans, Personality

Here are all the results with descriptions

Stay At A Cabin, And Go Hiking
You hate people, just in general, and there's nothing you'd like more than to get away from everyone. . . So DO that. Get a cabin, pack a bag for the weekend, and then stay there until the first day of the new year. Go hiking too, while you're at it since you love doing outdoorsy things.

Attend Or Host A Glamorous Party
How about attending a super glam party? Or hosting one? That way you get to dress up, look good, feel good, have a few drinks, and enjoy the festivities. Invite your friends, maybe some family, and ring in a new year together!

Go to A Diner, Watch the Festivities on TV
Honestly, you get it. It's a new year and all, but. . . to you, it's just another day. It's another day in a series of years you call a life. So, why bother? You much rather keep it low-key and get a burger at a diner. Maybe a milkshake too, while you're at it. Scoff when the ball drops in Time's Square.