How Well Do You Know Baseball Slang?

One, two, three strikes you're out in the old ball game. Put your baseball slang knowledge to the test by taking this quiz and discover just how much you know!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Nothing About Baseball Slang
One, two, three strikes you're out in the old ball game and you are certainly out. You know literally nothing about baseball slang. It is actually crazy how very little you actually know about a super popular sport.

Very Little About Baseball Slang
Baseball isn't your favorite sport but you know a thing or two about it. Literally a thing or two and not much more. . . Sports aren't everything and if you're just getting into it just keep working hard and you'll hit it out of the park soon enough.

An Average Amount About Baseball Slang
You know just about what every casual fan knows about baseball slang. You're no expert but you certainly aren't ignorant on the topic either. You fit perfectly in the average category which isn't so bad!

A Lot About Baseball Slang
You're a baseball fanatic. You know your pitches, plays, and teams. You're very close to being an expert on the subject. There are just a few random terms that you maybe just don't know as well as the others.

Everything About Baseball Slang
You must have been playing baseball your whole life or at the very least been a big fan. You know all the lingo. You could legit be a professional announcer for baseball. That's just how much of an expert you are on the topic.