Would I Be A Good President?

Do you think you have what it takes to lead a country? Let's compare your characteristics to the best presidents in history to see if you compare now!

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rule the world
You have all the qualities to make an amazing president--dignity, decisiveness, confidence, and compassion. The world leaders could learn a thing or two from your leadership ability. Congratulations!

rule as a President
You definitely have what it takes to be a president! You have natural leadership abilities and qualities that you have cultivated over the years. Even if you never make it to the Oval Office, use your skills to make a positive change in the world!

be a great ruler, until corruption sets in
More than a hundred years ago, Sir John Dalberg-Acton was quoted as saying, 'Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. ' You would start with strong ideas, but soon bad association and the heady sense of power would send you down the dark path.

would be a good leader, but not president
You have some lovely leadership abilities, but you are not quite at a presidential level. To cultivate your qualities, volunteer to take the lead on a project or think of ways to make an organization you're involved in run more smoothly.

would be a mediocre president
Well, being a mediocre president isn't all that uncommon. Great presidents are rare! However, if you aren't satisfied with mediocrity, either improve your inner qualities or consider pursuing a non-leadership career path.

would be a lousy president
Being bossy or controlling doesn't make you a good leader. The best rulers are compassionate, understanding, and fair. Make a study of the best rulers and try to imitate their qualities in your everyday life. In a short time, your leadership abilities will improve.