Which Classical Music Era Are You?

Do you love classical music? Do full orchestras make you swoon? Find out which of the classical music eras you are by taking this musically fun quiz.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The Medieval Era
You are the medieval era of classical music! You have a dark side to you but find yourself to chase after hope and light again and again. While you are highly empathetic, you are attracted to carefree people.

The Renaissance Era
You are the renaissance era of classical music! You are a melodious and romantic style of music. You are highly social and often draw people into you and your various antics. You are a beacon of light.

The Baroque Era
You are the baroque era of classical music! You are incredibly complex and highly intelligent. You have a mind that many others can not match and enjoy watching human connections unfold before your eyes.

The Romantic Era
You are the romantic era of classical music! You are a very expressive person and an all-around creative soul. Music is your life. You like to experiment but also know enough to keep everybody interested.

The Classical Era
You are the classical era of classical music! You are home to all the best know composers including Mozart and Beethoven. You are an incredibly inclusive person and you adore being a larger part of your community.

The 20th/21st Century Era
You are the 20th and 21st century era of classical music! You are a difficult person to pin down as you feel you are often changing and growing based on your surroundings and experiences. You can be a bit of a philosopher.