Which Avenger Are You?

Whose suit could you fill?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Tony Stark
You're a genius, who always thinks outside the box, always plans big, and always dreams bigger. You don't just want to solve problems, you want to prevent them. When push comes to shove, you are always willing to make the big sacrifice, but you're going to make sure it's absolutely needed before you do.

Steve Rogers
You are honest, hardworking, and earnest. You take your work seriously and always do a good job. People can always depend on you. When you say you are going to do something, you always do it, no matter how difficult things get. You always put others first.

Bruce Banner
You're a sportsman through and through, not only do you love running after a ball or skating across the ice with a puck, but you have a keen sense of fairness, honor and working as a team. You lYou are the voice of reason, the calm amidst the chaos. You never jump to conclusions. When faced with a problem, you ponder it from every angle, never rushing into anything. You have amazing control over yourself and your emotions. You don't like to overreact. People can always rely on you to be reasonable. But watch out! If someone hurts your friends, they're not going to like you when you're angry.

Natasha Romanoff
You inspire others with your wisdom, calm, and insight. You understand human nature and why people do the things they do. You help others to be the best that they can be. People look to you for a mentor, a guide, and a friend that will stay with them through thick and thin.

Clint Barton
You care deeply about doing the right thing and following your beliefs. Even when it means going it alone, you would rather follow your heart than let other people keep you from doing what you know you should. You have a few, close friends who mean the world to you.

You have a great sense of fun: you are social, active, and have a huge amount of friends. Your smile is infectious, and when you're around no one can stay in a bad mood for very long. You bring joy to those around you, and always without fail you see the best in everyone.