How Much Of A Control Freak Are You Really?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are only 5% control freak. You are flexible and comfortable with change. You don't mind letting others take the lead, and you are happy to contribute your skills without having to managing or organize the project.

You are just 25% control freak. You don't mind letting others take the lead, but you do want to make sure that your thoughts and ideas are heard. You feel most comfortable when your contributions are recognized, but you don't have to lead.

You are 49% control freak. You like to be in control of things, but you are generally comfortable sharing the leadership role. As long as you do have a say in how things turn out, you can work with others on successful projects.

You are 78% control freak. You prefer to be the one taking the lead, though you are comfortable working with others and recognizing their contributions. You are happiest when you have an important role in any project.

You are 96% control freak. You prefer to take the lead in all projects, and you don't like it when your plans are disrupted or altered by others. You like to organize and manage projects and to ensure that the outcome is all that you imagined.