The Ultimate Animal Trivia Quiz

Do you love Animals? How much? Find out how you rank on our animal trivia quiz!

Tags: Animals, Pets, Zoology, Trivia

Here are all the results with descriptions

Not Into Animals
We're guessing that you're either not taking this quiz seriously, or you just don't particularly care for animals. That's perfectly all right, of course! Some people just prefer humans... or being alone.

Not Very Knowledgeable About Animals
You're not very knowledgeable about Animals, and that's all right! We hope you have a chance to read more about animal creatures with this trivia quiz. How fun!

An Average Animal Connoisseur
You may not know a lot of the answers on this quiz, but that doesn't mean you don't adore animals. Keep on researching about the amazing animal kingdom--there is definitely much to learn about animals!

An Animal Semi-Expert
You love Animals just a bit more than everyone else does, and you know a lot about them! While you don't know absolutely every single minor detail about them, you know far more than the average person does.

An Animal Super Expert
Congratulations! You are an animal super expert! You know practically everything there is to know about animals and should be very proud of yourself! Now that you've won the title, we think we know what you plan to do next! One question, do you work in a ZOO?