How Many Lives Do You Have?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You have one life to live and you're living it well! You like to try new things and have exciting experiences, but you aren't reckless or careless either. "Carpe diem" is your daily motto, and I have no doubt that you will always make the most out of every day.

You're pretty good at practicing general safety and looking out for yourself. You're cautious, always prepared, and very responsible - that's why instead of just one life, your wariness of danger has saved you from potentially dangerous situations, and you can consider yourself to have three!

Nine lives, just like a cat! You take your risks, but you know that there should be things that frighten you too. However, you do notice that you get lucky with life sometimes and just happen to avoid accidents and dangerous situations that you thought would be unavoidable!

It seems like no matter how adventurous (read: reckless) you dare to be, you always turn out okay! You must have at least 20 lives, my friend. With your thirst for adventure and need for that adrenaline rush, you'll need them all.