How Predictable Are You Really?

Here are all the results with descriptions

9% Predictable
You are 9% Predictable. People usually don't know what to expect from you, because you don't always respond in the same way to each circumstance. You leave them guessing.

28% Predictable
You are 28% Predictable. Sometimes people can guess what you'll do, but more often than not, you're going to surprise them.

42% Predictable
You are 42% Predictable. You tend to respond in similar ways to similar circumstances, but you often do the one thing that people least expect.

67% Predictable
You are 67% Predictable. People who know you can guess pretty well what you're going to do, but every now and then, they are taken aback when you do the last thing they expected.

93% Predictable
You are 93% Predictable. You almost never surprise people with your actions, and most know exactly what to expect from you. On the rare occasion that you do what others least expect, it is all the more surprising.