Which Afterlife Will Your Soul Travel To?

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The afterlife that your soul will travel to is heaven! When you go, you'll be greeted by pearly gates, serene surroundings and the comfort of those who passed before you. Your soul will be a peace as you are enveloped by warmth, light, and an eternity of bliss.

The Spirit World
The afterlife your soul will travel to is the spirit world! You won't travel to a place like heaven or a place like hell, you'll reside in the spirit world, a realm that is inhabited by spirits both good and evil. Although the spirit world is independent from the natural world, you will be in constant interaction with those you left behind on earth.

The Cedar Forest
The afterlife your soul will travel to is the Cedar Forest! The mythical Cedar Forest dates back to Mesopotamian mythology and stands to be a place of peace, nature, and comfort. Though you won't stand at the pearly gates or explain your earthly sins, you will enter a world of tranquility and ease.

The Underworld
The afterlife your soul will travel to is the underworld! In this realm, your soul will separate from your body and be transported into the underworld. The Greeks described the underworld as located on the outer bounds of the ocean or at the ends of the earth. You may not find the peace of heaven, but you will find some things you have been searching for.

You will not visit an afterlife or spend eternity in heaven, instead, you will follow the Buddhist path of being reincarnated into a new physical body. Perhaps you'll come back as a dog? Maybe even another person! No one knows for sure which physical form your body will take next, but your soul is not through with the earthly realm just yet.