What Mythical Being Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The unicorn is a social creature. It loves being the life of any party and wowing people with its horn. It doesn't feel complete without the 'oohs,' 'aahs,' and admiration of its many fans. You are a unicorn!

The Abominable Snowman is a very strong, athletic creature. He (or she?) is able to move mounds of snow with just one swipe, and explore rough terrain day in and day out. He/she is an adventurer, a creature very used to traveling solo to the next new destination. You are the Abominable Snowman!

Bigfoot is one of the most mysterious mythical beings. He (or she?) keeps people around the world on their toes with infrequent appearances and tracks left behind. Bigfoot always leaves you guessing. You are the ever-mysterious Bigfoot!

Lochness Monster
The Lochness Monster, or 'Nessie' for short, is graceful as she glides through the water, enticing people from all over the world to explore her lake's depths with her. She would be a dancer or yoga instructor if she were a real person, and her laid back, easy going attitude wouldn't be lost on anyone. You are Nessie!

Fairies are playful creatures. They fly and flit about, never really exposing themselves, but also making themselves known just long enough to play with humans - who are very interesting to them. They are fun, youthful, and energetic. You are a fairy!