Which Superhero Town Should You Live In?

Do you belong in Gotham or Metropolis?


Here are all the results with descriptions

Star City
This cultured city is the perfect town for you. It's big, with all the opportunities and activities that a large city has to offer, but still low-key, slower and more easy-going than the bigger, better known metropolises. You like things a little slower, and little more cozy, and a little more simple.

Gotham City
Gotham isn't perfect, but it has great potential, and you've always been the kind of person ready to fight for a better world. You're not afraid to face tough decisions or to help a friend out of a tough spot. You're the kind of person everyone wants in their corner when things start getting hard.

You're a bit of a rebel, and you never take the easy way out. Bludhaven is a tough town for tough people, and it doesn't get any tougher than you. You are a fighter, and you never back down, no matter the odds.

Opal City
This colorful city has lots of creativity and vibrancy; it's been through a lot and endured much and has only come out stronger and more sure of itself for it, just like you. Your creative flair would find a home in Opal City, in an environment where you could explore your life, find healing, find hope, and find a future.

You're a small town person at heart, and you need wide open spaces where you can breathe and enjoy Mother Nature. You would fit right in in the small town community of Smallville. You're the kind of person who cares about their neighbors and is always happy to pitch in during a crisis.

Big, bustling, and the center of everything, Metropolis is the perfect place for you! You love activity, being busy, and always having places to go. You relish large crowds and lots of traffic. You enjoy noise, movement, and yes, maybe even a little bit of chaos.