What Kind Of Expert Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Literature Expert
You know all there is to know about books. You know which classics are a great read or when a certain book came out. You love anything to do with reading and you're definitely a book worm.

Art Expert
You are an expert in all things art. You know which tools do what or what is the best way to create a certain look. You have a very creative and imaginative mind and you use that in order to learn about art.

Technology Expert
People probably tend to come to you for advice about their computer or phone because you're a genius concerning technology. You have no trouble shooting past a problem and you usually know the inter-working of all technology.

Animal Expert
You are an expert when it comes to animal. You are usually good at deciphering an animals behavior and have no trouble getting close to them. You love animals and you love to learn about them.

Cooking Expert
You're an expert when it comes to cooking or baking. You create amazing things that just wows the taste-buds of whoever is eating it. You're an amazing cook and people envy your talent.