What Country Should You Rule?

Have you ever wondered what country you should rule? Find out now by taking the quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

North Korea
You love order, discipline, obedience, and being in charge. For these reasons, you should be the ruler of North Korea! Your strong, disciplinarian style of leadership will be perfect for the North Koreans, who are used to living under a dictatorship like the one you are likely to implement in your own environment.

One of the safest, cleanest cities in the world, Japan is a popular place to visit and a fabulous country to be in control of. With a mesmerizing history and a healthy and delicious culinary culture, you can expect to live a long, satisfying, and peaceful life as the president of Japan.

United States
You should be the president of the United States of America! You are a born diplomat with the ability to negotiate practically anything you want. You are a wonderful leader with a charismatic influence over everyone you meet.

You should be the ruler of Russia! Russia is an enormous country with a rich cultural history of strong, independent minds and thinkers. You would be perfect in such an intellectual environment!

Saudi Arabia
You should be the ruler of Saudi Arabia! Known for its strict religious views and natural abundance of oil, Saudi Arabia would be the perfect place for someone like you to be the leader of.

As the president of Brazil, you would be in charge of a gorgeous country with beautiful beaches, lush natural landscaping, and happy, beautiful people that love sports and Brazilian culture.