Which Global City Matches Your Personality Best?

Here are all the results with descriptions

New York City (USA)
You are social and outgoing. You love to be out and about, always surrounded by lots of people! The city that matches your personality best is a city that's always full of activity and things to do no matter what hour of the day it maybe, the city that never sleeps - New York City!

Paris (France)
You are a true romantic. You love taking long walks to see amazing sights, having deep conversations, going on romantic dinners, and watching beautiful sunsets. The city of romance, Paris, matches your personality best!

Bangkok (Thailand)
You are adventurous and outgoing. You are not stranger to jumping into strange, weird, crazy situations just for the experience. You have a true explorer's spirit. The city that matches your personality best is one with an insanely nightlife and surprises, twists, and turns around every culture-filled corner - Bangkok!

Hong Kong (China)
You are focused, business-minded, and ambitious. You've set big goals for yourself, and you have made the promise to yourself that you would work hard until you have accomplished all of them. The city that matches your personality best is one full of trade and commerce, business centers and hubs of entrepreneurship - Hong Kong!

Tuscany (Italy)
You are a calm and relaxed person. You don't need fancy things to make you happy because you prefer to enjoy the simple things in life, like a home-cooked meal and good company. You're very centered personality makes you someone that others are instantly drawn to for comfort and understanding. The city that matches your personality best is one that's just as peaceful and beautifully simple as you are - Tuscany!