Which State Do You Really Belong In?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You belong in the state of California! You have a carefree and breezy personality, and you would fit right in with California culture! We're surprised you weren't born in California in the first place.

New York
You really belong in the state of New York! You have a versatile and multifaceted personality. Depending on your mood, you feel just at home in the countryside as you do in the biggest of cities! You are very sophisticated.

You really belong in Alaska! You are brave and resilient, and you can deal with any challenge that life presents you with. You are truly a survivor!

The state you really belong in is Massachusetts! You fit right into New England culture. You love learning about history, and being around historical places and buildings. You are very smart!

The state you really belong in is Hawaii! You are very adventurous, and you love new experiences. You also love the warm weather, and would fit right in on the Hawaii beaches!