What Type Of Knowledge Is At Work In Your Mind?

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Declarative Knowledge
Your mind runs on declarative knowledge. According to science, declarative knowledge is factual knowledge and information that you know, that is stored in your brain. Your mind is ripe with all of the knowledge you've accrued.

Procedural Knowledge
Your mind is run by procedural knowledge. Procedural knowledge refers to how you perform certain tasks and activities. Individuals who rely on procedural knowledge are often very hands on and tactical learners.

Empirical Knowledge
Your mind is run by empirical knowledge. Empirical knowledge refers to what you observe and experience on a day to day basis. It is knowledge accrued from your personal thoughts and experiences.

Inductive Knowledge
Your mind is run by inductive knowledge. Inductive knowledge refers to the conclusions you draw based on your experiences and observations. You are able to solve critical problems, simply by connecting the dots.

Emotional Knowledge
Your mind is run by emotional knowledge. Emotional knowledge refers to knowledge that is accrued through feeling. You are a person who relies upon your senses and intuition to make sense of the world rather than on hard facts.