How Hippie Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

15% Hippie
You're not too fond of the hippie lifestyle or ways. While you may respect their lifestyle, it's just not a lifestyle that suits you. You're more of a modern person and that's how you like it.

30% Hippie
While you may not agree with everything in the hippie lifestyle, you sure do like aspects of it. You're a bit more modern than hippie but you have no problem with their free-spirited ways.

67% Hippie
You definitely have a love of the hippie lifestyle. There's nothing then being barefooted and having your hair down. You're a free-spirited person who has no trouble saying what's on your mind.

95% Hippie
You're a hippie and there's no doubt about it! You love their carefree lifestyle and you're definitely a free-spirited person. You're pretty laid-back and rarely let anything bother you.