Can Your Mind Be Manipulated?

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Easily Manipulated
Your mind is easily manipulated. Through a few subtle tricks, your mind can be disrupted, and impaired of autonomy. You easily believe new information, often at the cost of your core beliefs.

Brain Exploit
Your brain is easily exploited. Based on you results, your brain is open to manipulation. It is receptive to outside information, often preferring to think with the social collective rather than independently.

Moderately Manipulated
Your brain can be moderately manipulated. While your brain often thinks independently and is not easily swayed, through subtle tricks and subliminal messaging, your brain is open to manipulation.

Not Easily Manipulated
Your brain is not easily manipulated. While it may be easy for others to fall for manipulative tricks and subtle attempts at brainwashing, you are completely unreceptive to manipulation.

Completely In Control
You are completely in control. Your thoughts belong to you and you alone. Nothing from the outside world can manipulate or mold your thoughts, as your brain is independent and autonomous.