How Good Is Your Memory?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Memory Maven
You are a memory maven! Not only is your long term memory excellent, but your short term memory is also stellar. You remember small moments that others would truly struggle to recall.

Memory Magnificent
You are memory magnificent! You often wonder how other people could possibly forget names, phone numbers, and where their keys are located, because you forget nothing. Your memory is always firing on all cylinders.

Memory Magic
You have memory magic! Do you find yourself able to recall the small details associated with past events? Do you know which shirt you were wearing on a Tuesday three years ago? Yeah, we thought so. Your memory is so good, it's almost magical.

Decent Memory
You have a decent memory! Like most people, you have moments where your memory is clear and vivid, and then you have moments of forgetfulness. While you hardly ever struggle with long term memory, your short term memory can at times be a bit finicky.

Above Average Memory
You have above average memory! You have forgetful moments, but for the most part there isn't much you can't remember. In fact, you are constantly reminding those around you what happened in the past and where things are located throughout the house or office.