What Will Be Your Life’s Lucky Break?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You Will Find Fame
You will be going about your normal day to day life, when one day, you will become famous. It may be because of an experience you've had, something you witness, or one of your special abilities, but the deal of your life will be that you'll find fame!

You Will Find Money
One day, you'll be doing some kind, good deed, and you will find money! You may be given a thank you card by some stranger you've helped, and it will be full of a million dollars. Moral of this prediction? Continue doing those random acts of kindness of yours!

You Will Have A Life-Changing Adventure
One day - whether intentional or not - you will embark upon a life-changing adventure. It'll change the way you see the world forever...in a good way of course!

You Will Always Be Surrounded By Love
The deal of your life will be that you'll always be surrounded by love. Whether it be family or friends, you'll never feel lonely and always have that support system there for you. To us, that's the luckiest deal there is!