What Is Your Redneck Nickname?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Tammy-Lee Jackson
Your redneck nickname is Tammy-Lee Jackson! You're a Southern belle with a serious tomboy side. You love riding four wheelers, throwing back a Bud Light, and hanging on the front porch with your best buds talking about nothing at all. You're favorite mood lighting? The bug zapper of course!

Molly Pigpusher
Your redneck nickname is Molly Pigpusher! There's a reason why you love a good state fair, as the reigning champ of pig wrestling, you love to defend your title. You earned your nickname for wrangling hogs with passion, grace, and true redneck style.

Clint Houston
Your redneck nickname is Clint Houston! As a proud Texan, you love to get down on barbecue, work on your oversized truck, and drink beer with your best buds. You love a good Nascar race and believe that a double wide trailer is a "rich mans game."

Butch Spur
Your redneck nickname is Butch Spur! How you earned your name, we'll never know! What we do know, is that Butch Spur has the best shot in all of the South. Friends know you as an ace hunter with a heart of gold. Think the two can't go hand in hand? Think again!

Mary-Lou Hoggreaser
Your redneck nickname is Mary-Lou Hoggreaser! Hoggreaser is your name and bacon is your game. Never will anyone ever encounter a woman who loves bacon more than you. You'd wrap bacon on just about anything if you could. You earned your nickname through your well known love of this smoked meat.