What Would Be The Last Thing You Do Before You Die?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Drinking Alcohol
Right before you die, you'll be drinking a glass of your favorite alcohol and admiring life for what it is. Whether you know you'll pass away or not, you'll be taking in the beauty that life has to offer.

Painting A Picture
Right before you die, you'll be painting a stunning picture that will go on to be well known in life. Many people will admire the dedication and talent behind the picture you painted right before death.

Climbing A Mountain
You will end up climbing a mountain right before your death. You'll be braving the rugged terrain and cold conditions in your life's final moments. It will definitely be an adventurous final moment.

Sailing A Boat
You'll be sailing a boat along the beautiful waters right before you die. You'll be traveling along the ocean's gentle waves and watching the sea life around you right before you pass away.

Kissing Someone
The last thing you'll do right before death is kiss someone. Whether it'll be a passionate kiss from a loved one or a daring kiss to a stranger, you'll feel the affection of another right before death.