Are You Really An Animal Person?

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You're Practically One Of Them
You have such a close connection with animals that it's surprising that you're not actually one. You understand animals on a much deeper level than others. You understand their basic instinct and their natural history.

You Love Without A Doubt
There's no doubt at all that you're an animal lover. You feel happiest when you're spending time with a lovable creature. Interaction with any type of animal just puts you in a great mood. You probably have a beloved animal in your life that you couldn't fathom living without.

You Love From A Distance
You have a love for animals but you'd rather keep your space and appreciate them from a distance. While you may not be one to own a pet, you definitely love going to the zoo or local park. You prefer controlled experiences with animals, one where they don't get too far.

Not A Fan Of Wild Animals
You are an animal lover for sure but you only really have a love for cute domesticated pets. You're not a big fan of animals that roam wildly around the place. You probably feel a sense of uneasiness around wild animals.

Not A Fan Of Animals
You're not an animal lover and you're okay with that. There's just something about animals that just puts you off. You may think they're cute but you don't have any desire to own or play with one.