Can We Guess Which 2016 Presidential Candidate You Support?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Hillary Clinton
Based on your answers, it's clear that you support Hillary Clinton! When it comes to policy, you and Hillary are one in the same. From civil rights to gun control to foreign policy, you believe that Hillary would be the best fit to get America back on track and headed in a good direction.

Bernie Sanders
Based on your results we believe you support Bernie Sanders! While some might seem Bernie has a bit of a hippie gone politician, you know that his ideas on the economy, healthcare, and foreign policy would strengthen American from the inside out. Making not only for a more prosperous nation, but a happier nation.

Ted Cruz
Based on your results, you will likely be voting for Ted Cruz! Ted Cruz' policies are steeped in conservative tradition, which is what you like so much about Cruz as a candidate. When it comes to policy, Cruz is as conservative as they come.

Donald Trump
Based on your results, we believe you support Donald Trump! You feel as if the Donald is a breath of fresh air in the political landscape. Sure, he might not have it all figured out, but you feel he's got what it takes to make America great again.

John Kasich
Based on your results, we believe you support John Kasich! Kasich may be the ultimate underdog, but that won't stop you from supporting him until the end. You value John Kasich's traditional approach to conservative policy and his bipartisan nature when it comes to getting things done.