How Agile Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

100% Agile
There's no one as fast as you are! You're definitely quick on your feet and that helps in everyday situation. Many can't help but stare in awe at your agility.

93% Agile
You're definitely an agile individual and that's makes quite a few envious of you. You know how to think quickly and react even quicker to situations.

75% Agile
You know you're an agile person and you're not afraid to show it off. You're rather quick with how you move and many people can only stare in amazement.

50% Agile
You're not as fast as you'd like to be. You're still learning but you're not very quick on your feet. One day though you will be!

25% Agile
You're not an agile individual but that doesn't bother you. What you lack in speed, you make up in other talents and abilities.