Which Dog Are You Like When You’re Angry?

Here are all the results with descriptions

German Shepherd
You're a loyal trustworthy individual but when someone gets on your bad side, they better hide. You're very territorial and fierce and so when someone messes with your loved ones, you don't take it well.

You have a fierce anger about you someone messes with your territory. You're rather confident and so you may have a bit of a quick temper. While you have a bad temper, you're otherwise a loyal and kind individual who has a big heart.

When you get angry, you get a sassy temper. You don't let others say anything mean to you because if they do, you'll be in their face with your retorts. When you get upset about something, you don't stop fighting until you get your way.

Golden Retriever
You rarely get upset and if you ever do it's because someone messes with your loved ones. You're an otherwise tranquil and happy-go-lucky individual who just lets things roll off your back.

While you may have a tough and rather intimidating nature, you tend to be a big softy at heart. You don't really like confrontation and tend to be passive-aggressive about your anger instead.