What Will Your Daughter Be Like?

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Risk-taker
Your daughter will grow up to be a total risk-taker. She'll be a curious and grave individual who's ready to discover new things. She'll probably be a bit mischievous but that just shows her confidence. She'll be bold and stubborn and she'll do anything to follow her dreams.

A Dreamer
Your daughter will have big dreams that she'll one day go after. She can accomplish whatever she sets her mind to with great determination. She has hopes for the future of the world and with her big heart, she'll help many people around her.

You're daughter will always be on the move and experiencing new adventures. She'll be optimistic and will see only the good in everything around her. She's able to see the beauty in even the darkest of things and that helps contribute to her bubbly personality.

Your daughter will definitely be a bold child with an extreme sassy attitude. She won't be afraid to stand up for herself and her ideals and will o whatever it takes to get what she wants. You know that you'll never have to worry about her being true to herself.

Your daughter will definitely be a trendsetter with her wardrobe and attitude. Her style will be unlike any others and she'll show the world her individuality. She's never afraid to express herself and everything that makes her unique.