Can We Guess Your Worst Work Habit?

Here are all the results with descriptions

We think that your worst work habit is procrastination! Like so many of us, you just can't help but put off today what you feel can be done tomorrow. While procrastination may not be the worst work habit, it certainly doesn't make you as productive as you could be!

Being A Sloppy E-mailer
Your worst work habit is being a sloppy e-mailer! In today's world, email etiquette and tone is of the utmost importance, which means that sending out sloppy emails is a total no no. Not only does it make your co-workers feel a bit uneasy, but it makes those your emailing feel as if you don't take your job as seriously as you should.

Bad Office Etiquette
Your worst work habit is bad office etiquette! You just can't help it, sometimes you want to break the office rules and live on your own terms. That labeled yogurt in the fridge? You're gonna go ahead and eat that. It might not earn you any friends, but it will certainly help you have a little fun.

Always Running Late
Your worst work habit is always running late! Time management simply isn't your thing. While you may only ever be a few minutes late, you still have a hard time getting into the office right when you're supposed to. Don't worry, we know it's not always your fault!

Refusing To Mingle
Your worst work habit is refusing to mingle! Work events and happy hour may seem like a drag (and they often are), but they're also great ways for you to bond with your co-workers and build some office camaraderie. Refusing to mingle with your fellow workers may just make you look bad in the long run!