What Is Your Dog Personality?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Golden Retriever
You're a friendly and warm individual who's always up for meeting new people. With your loyalty and generosity, it's no surprise that you got Golden Retriever. You always look out for your loved ones and you'll do anything to make sure their safe and happy.

German Shepherd
You're a brave individual who's not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Just like the German Shepherd, you exude nobility and bravery. You know how to stay calm in even the most chaotic of situation and you're usually the first to take charge.

While you may have an intimidating look to you, you're actually quite a gentle and kind person. You love to be around people, especially your loved ones and you can rarely be found in doors. Just like the husky, you have a grave and dignity about you that many envy.

You're an easygoing and lovable person who always looks forward to having a good time. You're a very loyal individual who's always looking to help those in need. You rarely get angry and tend to be rather calm and happy about life.

French Bull Dog
You have a sweet and playful nature that just makes you absolutely lovable. You can easily adapt to any environment and make it your new home. You love attention and you're always looking to make new friends.