What Should You Be For Halloween?

Halloween is on it's way, so it's time to start figuring out your costume plan. What will it be this year? Find out!

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A Traditional Halloween Costume
You LOVE the season and all of its orangey-black, pumpkin spiciness. If it were up to you, you'd celebrate the holiday in a forest of falling leaves under the full moon. So go with it! Choose from witches and warlocks, goblins, ghosts, mummies, Frankenstein's monster, vampires--anything that brings the tradition of the holiday alive!

A Retro Costume
Satisfy your inner desire to bring back the past with a retro costume! You can pick up an old Casper mask online, or you could go for the tried-and-true costumes of the past that were made at home, like Raggedy Ann/Andy, Grandma in Curlers, Scarecrow, Cowboy, etc. It might not be the most clever costume or the most current, but you WILL be a hit, because everyone loves to see costumes that remind them of the great Halloweens of their childhoods!

A Funny Costume
Your witty, clever mind can come up with something that will make everyone (or that one person that always 'gets' things) smile. Maybe it's a pun, or maybe it's the personification of a funny sitcom line, but whatever it is, you'll love the anticipation of finding out who's going to get the joke!

A Fantasy Costume
You love the opportunity to be something outside of yourself, to embrace the magical. Halloween is the perfect time! Be a mermaid, a unicorn, or a centaur, or take it into the modern era and be a living comic book character, an alien, or a cartoon. Let your dreams run wild and be anything out of this world!

A Biographical Costume
Be someone else entirely! Maybe you dig historical figures, or you want to dress up as your favorite celebrity or politician. There are tutorials online that will even show you how to manipulate makeup so that you REALLY do look like the person you're attempting to be! Just be careful not to look TOO much like a politician this year!

An Animal Costume
Let your wild side show with an animal costume. Unless, like Bjork, you want to let your docile side show in a swan costume. But no, be daring! Be a honey badger! That way, when the party gets dull and you sidle out early, you can just say that's part of being a honey badger--a master of escape!