What Would You Do If There Was No Internet?

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Increase Your Productivity
If there was no internet then there would be no reason for you to procrastinate any longer. It's easy to put something off and browse the Internet instead. You could get so much done if it didn't exist anymore.

Talk To Your Family
You don't talk to your family very often because you're on the computer but that's all about to change. Once the Internet is gone, you'll have no choice but to talk to your family more and get to know them better.

Find A New Job
You actually have a career that's reliant on the Internet and if it was to disappear, you'd have to look for a new job. The Internet has made it easy to get jobs that you couldn't imagine having otherwise.

Try To Figure Out What Happened To The Internet
If the Internet was to disappear, you would be trying your hardest to figure out exactly where it went to. You'd probably have a hard time figuring it out but you won't stop until you do.

Try A New Hobby
Now that the Internet is gone, it would be the best time to try out a new hobby that you could invest your time in. You won't be distracted and you could actually use your talent and broaden your interests.