What Question Would You Ask Yourself In Ten Years?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Did You Get/Are You Still Married?
Marriage is an important point in your life and you want to know if you've found love or if you're still married to that love. Plenty can happen in a decade and you want to know how it affected your love life.

What Are Your Kids Like?
Kids are incredibly important to you and you want to know how they are. Whether you haven't had any yet or you have had quite a few, people change quite a bit in a decade.

Are You Happy?
What you truly want to know is if you're happy a decade from now or not. Maybe you're unhappy currently in your life or not but your emotions can change drastically in that amount of time.

What's The Greatest Thing You've Ever Done?
A decade gives you plenty of time to do something amazing and you want to know exactly what that could be. What great thing did you accomplish in that time-frame?

Where Are You Living Now?
Whether you're currently thinking of moving or not, a decade is quite a bit of time to have things change. Maybe you still live in the same area or maybe you live somewhere exotic.