What Is Your Vice?

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You can't help but feel a rush when you gamble. You love the thrill of wondering if you won or not. When you don't win, you can't help but get your hopes up and try again.

Your vice actually happens to be alcohol. You love drinking and you may do it a bit more than you should but you try to keep it under control.

Your vice happens to lie within smoking. You know that it's not very good for your health but you can't help it.

You actually have a vice within food. It's not that you just eat when you're hungry but you also eat when you're emotional. You know that vice can lead to bad things but it's hard to stop.

Love actually happens to be quite a vice for you. You're a serial dater and you're never happy unless you're being loved by someone. You can't learn to love yourself if you're always seeking love in others.