What Kind Of Fairy Are You Quiz

No joke, some people are actually fairies! Not stereo type though, wings are invisible and other stuff. I'm a fairy! What type of fairy are you? Even if you're not a real one, it's a Fu. Thing to know!

Tags: Fairy, Magic, Girl, Fun, Personality

Here are all the results with descriptions

Animal Fairy
Animal fairies care for all the animals on land, and can communicate with them. Animal fairies are delicate and sensitive, but they are also good friends with a good attitude.

Water Fairy
Water fairies are calm, peaceful, good listeners, and sensitive. They care for all of the animals in the sea, and can communicate with them.

Forest Fairy
Forest fairies are calm, gentle, laid back, and adventurous.

Fire Fairy
Fire fairies are easy going, laid back, and quite humorous. However the are easy to anger.

Light Fairy
Light fairies are loving and delicate but can be stubborn at times. They will always help a friend in need.

Ice Fairy
Ice fairies are stubborn yet loyal. They may seem distant at first, but once you befriend them they are extremely caring. They can be a bit dramatic at times, but in the end they have your back.