Where Are You Rated On A Scale From 0 To 10?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are perfect in every way! People admire you and wish they could be just like you. You're beautiful inside and out. You're a perfect 10!

You are a pretty person! You have what it takes to be that perfect 10 but there are some things that you could work on to boost your score up. Like being a bit more humble.

There are some things that you could do to boost yourself up to a higher score but your priorities are different. You are a 5! You could take care of yourself more and be a nicer person. You have some work to do. You are a 5.

You aren't that attractive and that is by choice. You aren't the most friendly person and this causes you to not be approachable or likable. Once you open up and become friendly, you'll shoot up to a 10.

People run when they see you! You might as well stay home and never come out. You don't have friends and don't like to talk to people either. You are a big fat zero. There's a lot you could work on like being more friendly and kind to boost your score up.