Are You A Classical Music Expert?

Are you a concertgoer and you want to find out if your knowledge of classical music is on expert level? Take this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Are Not Very Knowledgeable about Classical Music
Don't worry! It just means that you have a whole new world to discover! Don't be afraid to dive in! I recommend you to start with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; he was a very funny guy!

Are Somewhat Knowledgeable about Classical Music
Good! It was a pretty tough quiz, so you have to be proud of yourself! You have a lot of fantastic music to discover. Maybe you should start with the delicate music of Claude Debussy? Check it out!

Have Good Knowledge of Classical Music
Wow! I'm impressed! You're a tough competitor! You know a good deal about classical music, and that's wonderful! Beethoven's symphonies have no secrets from you! Maybe now you should try something more avant-garde, like 'Quatuor pour la fin du temps' of Olivier Messiaen! It's very moving!

Have Great Knowledge of Classical Music
Amazing job! How did you do that? You know so much! Are you a musician?

Have Expert Knowledge of Classical Music
It's official: you are an expert! You are a real connoisseur of art! The world of music is your home, and you are able to recognize its beauty! Congratulations! You will never get bored in the company of Bach, Liszt, Schoenberg, or any other of your favorite composers!