Which 1960s Song Lyrics Describes Your Life?

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"I'm Going To Stick Like Glue, Stick Because I'm Stuck On You"
This famous song lyric is from Elvis Presley's famous song, "Stuck on You." Are you stuck on someone right now, or is someone stuck on you? By how you answered these questions, it sounds like you could write a catchy love song of your own.

"Only The Lonely Know The Way I Feel Tonight"
These sad lyrics come from Roy Orbison's song "Only the Lonely." Have you been feeling lonely lately? Luckily, the song goes onto say "And maybe tomorrow a new romance. No more sorrow, but that's the chance you've got to take." Maybe now is the right time for you to take a chance, too.

"Mama, I Miss The Days When You Were Near To Guide Me"
This song lyric is from "Mama" by Connie Francis. Although this song had to be translated to English, it can still hold meaning to someone who speaks any language. Sometimes a person needs a little guidance. Do you?

"I Need Money"
This simple line comes from the song "Money" by Barrett Strong. Everyone needs money sometimes, but you seem to need it now. Do you want money? Like the song goes on to say, "That's what I want, oh lots of money..."

"Life Is Sweet. Whoa, Sweet As Honey"
These wonderfully optimistic lines come from the song, "Happy Go Lucky Me" by Pual Evans. Things seem to be going well for you right now, and that is great. Keep it up, and have fun being happy go lucky.