Answer These 10 Questions And We Will Tell You What Your Manners Are

Here are all the results with descriptions

Perfect Manners
Your manners are so impeccable that it's no surprise that others look up to you with admiration and respect. You're a kind-hearted person and others love you for it.

Amazing Manners
You happen to have pretty amazing manners. People are actually surprised by how kind you can be at times.

Decent Manners
You have decent manners that could use a bit of polishing. You know that with a bit more work, you'll eventually have impeccable manners.

Okay Manners
Your manners are not the worst but they're definitely not the best. You really have to work on your manners and learn how to be more polite.

Terrible Manners
You have some terrible manners and you know it. You know you should work on your manners but you find it somewhat difficult. You try your best to be polite but you can definitely learn from it.