What to Collect?

Are you thinking of beginning a new collection? This entertaining quiz will help you find an interesting and fun thing to collect. Bet you can't wait to find out what it is!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Action Figures!
Are you a big fan of a movie or television series? You will enjoy hunting down rare pieces to complete a set. Some collectibles are quite valuable too, so some collectors are motivated more by a desire for profit than nostalgia. Which action figures do you think you would enjoy collecting?

How do you collect countries? It's up to you! You might collect stamps on your passport, coins, pottery, or try to taste an exotic fruit from each country. Find postcards from foreign lands or even try to meet a friend online from everywhere on the globe. However you choose to collect countries is bound to be fun.

Vinyl Records!
Are you a lover of vintage sound? If so, you might enjoy collecting vinyl records. Besides listening to the oldie-goldies on the records, some collectors like to use records as decorations in their home.

Antique Keys!
Antique keys look cool, don't they? You will enjoy finding interesting keys and displaying them around your home or office. For some, keys represent openness to new ideas or experiences or authority. What do keys mean to you?

Not only are paintings aesthetically pleasing, but also they can be an excellent investment that gains value over time. You might collect paintings from a certain artist or search out a specific style or image.

Virtual Collectibles.
If you don't have a lot of space in your home, you might consider collecting something that can be stored digitally. Some online games, for example, allow you to acquire and store virtual pets, badges, or trophies for certain achievements. You might also think about collecting online stickers, images, jokes, audiobooks, or anything else that doesn't require physical space!