What Kind Of Dance Should You Learn?

Love dancing? So do we! Take this quiz to find out what kind of dance style you should learn next!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Classical Ballet
You enjoy looking perfect all the time and cannot stand not being the center of attention. You're a born dreamer and love fantasy, beautiful things, and pleasant people. You would love ballet for its clean, straight lines and gorgeous motions in your constant pursuit of perfection.

Modern Dance
You are an intellectual, hardworking person with an open mind, and you value creativity and innovation over aesthetics. You would love to learn modern dance for its unique moves and resistance against the status quo.

You are proud of your roots and have a strong love for family and friends. You're passionate, sensitive, and dramatic. You should learn flamenco for the bold, striking movements and down-to-earth qualities it will give you. Plus, it will give you the opportunity to let out some of that passion you keep boiling inside!

You are nostalgic, passionate, and a bit melancholy at times. You're also elegant and romantic, and always wear your heart on your sleeve. You should learn the tango, because it's a sensual dance that will highlight your extraordinary sensitivity and the romantic side of your personality.

You're a happy person that makes friends wherever you go. You are sometimes quick to anger. You always have a ton of energy and can make any party fun, which is why you're constantly invited everywhere. You should learn salsa to bring out some of that considerable energy and charisma that you have inside of you.

You are talkative, loud, and charismatic. The party never starts until you get there, and it dies down as soon as you leave. You're superfriendly and funny with a bold personality that brings people together. You should learn hip-hop, because your main purpose in life is to have fun and help others have fun too. Hip-hop's energetic style, great upbeat music, and constant motion will motivate you and keep you excited to get moving.