Which Strong Female Character Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Claire Underwood
The strong female character you are most like is Claire Underwood of "House of Cards." Claire is a strong, steadfast, and determined individual. She hates to be coddled or put on a pedestal. She often prefers to be around people who treat her with respect and value her strength/opinions. Sound familiar? We believe that you and Claire are two strong peas in a pod.

Princess Leia
The strong female character you are most like is Princess Leia of "Star Wars." Leia is a strong, sharp witted, and commanding woman who is never afraid to speak her mind, even when confronted by powerful figures such as Darth Vader. Leia is a fierce and outspoken individual, who always puts loyalty and duty over her personal needs. Sound like someone you know? We think you and Leia are truly alike in every way.

Marge Gunderson
The strong female character you are most like is Marge Gunderson of "Fargo." Marge is friendly, intelligent, and compassionate in every way. She has a great appreciation for life and a finely tuned intuition, which uses to her benefit. She never demonstrates her strength through force or malice, but rather through wit and kindness.

Thelma and Louise
Congratulations, you are not like one strong female character, you are like two! You bear significant similarities to Thelma and Louise. Much like this dynamic duo you are confident and strong, but have a tendency to react irrationally to difficult situations. Despite that trait, you always do what needs to be done and never back down from a challenge.

Oliva Pope
The strong female character you are most like is Olivia Pope of "Scandal!" Olivia is steadfast, strong, and confident. She is an excellent problem solver who never lets another individual deem her as less than capable. She knows her own strengths and uses them to her advantage.