What’s Your Zodiac Sign On Halloween?

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On Halloween, you quickly transform into a Leo! Leo's are the embodiment of confidence and self love. They don't worry what others think and they certainly don't change who they are on the account of others. Though you might be more reserved in everyday life, you're not afraid to embrace who you truly are and make a mark on Halloween!

On Halloween, you transform into a Scorpio! Individuals from this sign like who they are, how they look, and how they behave. While you might be a little more self conscious in your everyday life, you're not afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new come Halloween night. Remember, you're awesome everyday of the year, not just on Halloween!

On Halloween, you often transform into a Capricorn! Individuals under this sign are highly intelligent, creative, and talented. Unfortunately, they tend to keep to themselves. Though you aren't afraid to step out in an outlandish costume that highlights your creativity, you don't really care if anyone sees it or if anyone is impressed. You make your own rules to live by on Halloween!

On Halloween, you often transform into a Pisces! Individuals who fall under this sign are very sensitive, creative, and in tune with their intuition. On Halloween, you tap into your sensitive side to truly create a new persona for yourself. Though you can be shy when it comes to sharing, you're not one to shy away from a fun Halloween night!

On Halloween, you become an Aries! Like individuals who fall under this sign, you have an outer armor that is implementable by comments, judgement, or remarks. Halloween is a time for you to truly shine and embody the qualities you secretly yearn to have all year. You're not going to let anyone spoil your fun!