What Does Success Mean To You Based On Your Personality?

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Doing Something That Only You Can Do
There's a lot that people can do but there's something that only you can do. You have a talent that no one else and they can't accomplish it like you can.

Accomplishing Your Goals
Success to you is when you actually reach your goals and accomplish them. It may be a long and difficult road but you know it'll all be worth it when you get there.

Living Well
Success to you is when you actually live a life that you can be proud of. You lived with no regrets and you made the most of every situation. You lived a life worth living.

Being Happy
You think you can only be successful when you've lived a happy and fulfilling life. You know that your life was worthwhile and you make sure to not take the small things for granted.

Becoming Famous
You believe the only way someone can be successful is when you become famous and actually make a name for yourself. You know that if people remember you forever, that means you were successful in life.